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About Us

Dear Travel Agents, Partners and Customers,

We are pleased to announce that we finalized our work on preparing the upcoming Summer Season shore excursions programs and are currently in the process of emailing our offers to all those who have already requested our company's services.

This Newsletter is to put forward some important new information for all the travel agents who are already RED OCTOBER RUSSIA good partners and for those who might be unfamiliar with our company but thinking about and planning their future visits to Russia.

Due to the fact that the RED OCTOBER Head Office is located in St.Petersburg, Russia, and yet a great number of foreign guests traveling to Russia still prefer to deal with US or their home country travel agents, we realized the importance of professionally reliable partners in our constantly growing business,thus the following information which we hope will improve greatly our relationship with current and prospective clients. It is obvious that the travel agents who know the RED OCTOBER co. to be one of the best on the Russian tourist market, are confident of our quality products and together with their own excellent performance we could ensure unforgettable experiences for their clients when they are traveling in Russia. Thus our view that a good travel agent is an utmost important link to guarantee quality services and rewarding experiences expected by our clients, the value of which becomes even greater in the case of the new clients when only the travel agents who know our company well enough can readily give them the required credentials.

The reality of everyday business life is quite obvious: the more time you spend in the same country market, the more partners you acquire there with many of them even becoming your personal friends, thus our strategy is to constantly increase the number of travel agents working closely together with RED OCTOBER Russia head office. This is particularly needed due to the difference in time zones between Russia ,USA and Canada.

When the customers prefer direct contact with our russian office they are always welcome and we take our best efforts to be prompt with the feed-back and answers to all their questions. However, as it happens sometimes, due to the time difference the process could slow down.

Our goal being efficiency and quality of services, suffers greatly, thus bringing us back to the idea of expanding our travel agents' network with necessity of having direct representatives of Red October Russia in the market of interest,so the prospective clients could easily get in touch with them at any, convenient for them time of the day.

The prime direct link between US and our Russian office, whose name might be familiar to many of you already, is Mike Finn, who has been our Official Priority Partner working for the Red October Russia for more than 10 years now. You may write him at e-mail

It is with great pleasure that we announce a few new additions to the Red October family in the US :

Living in Miami, FL, Stewart Chiron is America's foremost cruise expert. He has 20 years cruise experience and is the most quoted cruise expert in the United States and is a contributor to national and local TV and radio stations. He has sent hundreds of passengers over the past few years on Red October tours and strongly recommends our services. He confidentally promotes the RED OCTOBER Company in Russia as well as promote St Petersburg itself as the most popular destination in the Baltics.

You may call him at… 800-717-0855 or email her at

Living in New York City, Marc David Miller is a top travel industry expert and professional specializing in enriching cultural and business travel to Russia. "RED OCTOBER offers the perfect introduction to St Petersburg for a sophisticated traveler's first-or tenth-trip to Russia, " he says. His family, profiled recently in Forbesmagazine, owns one of the world's largest private art collections (focusing on 20th Century Russian art), and has exhibited their collection at the Hermitage and State Russian Museum. Jis wife, Natalia Kolodzei, is one of the youngest members of the Russian Academy of Art (equivalent to the French d'honneur), has written several books on Russian Art and is, according to Robb Report,"one of the most influential of Russia's young cultural figures." You may call him at… 212-758-7699 or email him at

In conclusion, we would like to welcome all the new travel agents in US and Canada who might be interested in Russia as the tourist destination for their clients. Whether those are tour packages for the cruise passengers or for the guests who choose to have longer trips with overnight stays at the local hotels, we welcome them all. We provide all the categories in hotel reservations and visa support documents for St.Petersburg and Moscow.


Thank you all for listening
Nadezhda Egorova, the Director General, RED OCTOBER

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