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Fishing in Kolski peninsula


					Fishing in the shallow forest lakes
							(Perch, Pike)


This program is designed for those fishing fans who like to get away from the civilization and spend their vacations on the remoted polar forest rivers and lakes in a small company of other fishermen. Within this 7 day tour you will be accompanied by a local man leading you everywhere to ensure your comfort at these unknown for you taiga regions in the Kolski Peninsula. You pass by the deserted bear lair, old geologists camps and somewhere you will use all-terrain vehicles. Going from one lake to another one is not that easy enjoyment but this hard job will be rewarding ! Fishing passion and a big perch appeared on your spinning or big size pike will be your final award for your hard job. Made of logs, cozy huts with Russian stove heating will be your roof if the weather is not that favorable and create particular comfort for your stay in the forest. Moreover we are always equipped with the tents if they are needed and can use them anywhere on the itinerary.

 Duration of the tour: 7 days/6nights
 Minimum number of participants – 2
 The package program cost will be quoted on your request and depends on the number of participants.
 This tour can be made private and the tour duration may be extended on your request.
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					Mystery of the KANOZERO Lake
					Fishing for river and lake species
		(salmon,bull trout, pike, ide, white fish, perch, roach, eelpout)


Fishing for the Atlantic salmon begins on May 20 and ends when the ice covering the lakes is thick. During the fishing tour the spots for fishing will change according to your preferences: the Kanozero Lake and flowing there the Muna, Umba and Kanna rivers. Size and weight of the fish inhabiting these waters will impress any fisherman imagination: pike can be up to 12 kilos, bull trout up to 2,5 kilos and eelpout up to 1,5 kilos. Although the best time for fishing is May 20 until the end of July, you will not be without fish any other time you are here. The beauty of the Kanozero Lake nature is so impressive that you will remember it for many years ahead and be dreaming about your next visit to this peninsula in the near future. The district is also renown for its history. There, on the Kanozero Lake islands cave petroglyphs originating 3-2cc b.c. were found in the year 2007. There are more than 1000 carvings on the 3 islands: Gorelyi, Elovyi, Kamennyi and also at the Shore Rock - Odinokij. On your request we may offer you the excursion to see all that! The lake itself is a unique basin in the Kola Peninsula. It is 26 км long and up to 7 м deep. The rivers Umba and Muna are flowing into the lake. The lake is covered with thick layer of ice in the mid November until mid May. In the winter time you may enjoy under ice fishing with a rod here while in the Summer time you need a special permit for fishing. In other words this tour is not only for those who loves fishing but also wants to relax and rest in comfort.

The tour duration is – 7 days/6nights, but we can do it longer for you, just let us know! 
We shall adjust the itinerary according to your specific preferences.
The number of participants in a group is 5-8 persons
The package program cost will be quoted on your request and depends on the number of participants.

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Summer fishing on the Tundra Lakes

We invite you to participate in the fishing on the Kola Peninsula, the lake EPHIMOZERO and other lakes, streams and rivers in its vicinity. The lake EPHIMOZERO is located in the very center of the Kola Peninsula and 60 km from the nearest village. Friendly fisherman house is located on the lakeshore. You will have unique opportunity to try various methods of fishing: rod fishing for white fish, grayling and perch; spinning fishing for pike, bulltrout and perch, and finally torpedo fishing for grayling and bulltrout. Our experienced guide will show you the best and secret creeks and streams where your fishing will be unforgettable!

Tour duration – 6 days/5 nights
Maximum number of people in a group – 4-6 
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					River Fishing (The Teriberka River)
			Murmansk – the Teriberka River – floating on the river 
					to the Teribersky reservoir –Murmansk
			   (bull trout, stream trout, white fish, pike, perch)


Start driving from Murmansk to the Tireberka river by minibus. Arrival to the river and getting ready for the floating. Floating down the river to the Teribersky reservoir takes 4 days. Within this time you will make a few stops with camping. After fishing is over return to Murmansk. The Teriberka river is one of the greatest and deepest rivers in the Kola Peninsula. Its flood plains somewhere make big & picturesque lakes. You can easily fish for bull trout & white fish with your fishing rod using natural baits in this river, because the river is full of these fish species. Very often you meet lots of pike in the rapids of the river. Many fishermen lost their tackles because of this wild fish. The surrounding this river region is rich of birds and animals either. You may frequently meet there even reindeers!

 Minimum number of participants - 4 
 The package program cost will be quoted on your request & depends on the number of participants.
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