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Sochi is a city in the Krai of Krasnodar, Russia and is situated on the Black Sea coast, at the border between Georgia and Russia. The city sprawls for 145 km (90 miles) along the shore of the Black Sea at the Caucasus Mountains. It’s population is about 400000 people and it is the largest resort city in Russia. There is no chance to ignore the beauty of the city landscapes and once you visit this place you will be dreaming to come back here again !


Sochi has always been a favorite recreation place for many Soviet and Russian political leaders. You will hardly be welcome at the Bocharov Ruchei (Putin’s summer residence), but you can easily pop in to Stalin’s villa and shake the host’s hand – that is, his wax figure’s hand. The villa includes Stalin’s house that has been turned into a museum, as well as a residential area with 12 apartment suites available for renting. The keeper of the place, a lady with an iron voice and a former KGB employee, meets you at the entrance and gives you the story of the villa. She tells that the mansion was built in 1937 (she does not mention that it was the peak of the Stalinist purges), and, since that time, it has not been renovated – all the furniture and décor are authentic. Then she leads you to the Chimney Hall, where Stalin hosted receptions but “never drank with the guests.” She also shows you his office, with the dictator’s wax figure sitting at the table. There you can see a hefty leather coach where he watched movies alone, as “he was very reserved person and did not want anyone to see his emotions.” Remember not to pat the host or touch his smoking pipe: You will be blamed for misbehavior in the presence of “the Great Leader.” If you are not afraid of possible ghosts and do not mind spending $450 for a night in Stalin’s suite, then this experience could become one of the main topics of discussion with your friends for a long time.


«Dendrarium» is a world famous museum of wildlife, where more than 1800 species of trees and bush plants are collected from all continents worldwide. Here you will find amazing plants and representatives of animals, fountains and ponds, pavilions and sculptures.


The seaport building and the quay is a distinguishing sight and one of the favorite places for walking in Sochi. In the covered patio, located in the wings of the station refined form small fountains are installed. Opposite the sea port there is a beautiful subtropical park with pavilions, pergolas and sculptural constructions.


The theater hosting 946 guests, located in the city center was constructed in the Theater Square in 1938. It looks like an ancient Greek-Roman temple and is the cultural center hosting the cinema festival in June each year. With easy constructed tribunes here in the Theater Square they arrange a summer theater under the open air for the cinema festivals. From 10:00pm until the sunrise 5000 cinema fans can enjoy the best films absolutely free of charge and meet their favorite movie stars at the star alley during the opening ceremony !  


At the end of the 19th century the first decorative park was laid out here. This is the place from where renowned Russian resort started to develop. During the first civil war the park was seriously damaged and only in 1920 the works on reconstruction began. In 1937  they opened the new parks with the name Riviera. In the vast garden’s territory one can find 240 various species of the plants and 50 of them are of unique value. In its Glade of friendship beautiful magnolias planted by renowned politicians and astronauts grow. Locals and city guests are frequent visitors and enjoy their free time here.


Boasting to be a real pearl of Greater Sochi its popular alpine ski center and mountain-climatic resort Krasnaya Polyana is located just 50 km away from the warm shores of the Black Sea connected with the city center by a picturesque highway speckled with breathtaking canyons and gorges.

Fabulous nature, the majestic mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers flowing down into the sea attract numerous holiday-makers to this mountainous settlement. It is here in Krasnaya Polyana the Winter Olympic Games 2014 will take place since Sochi has won the bid for holding this great event. But even now we welcome our guests to visit Krasnaya Polyana for looking at the already functioning Olympic facilities – ski lanes of international level, chair and gondola lifts and getting familiarized with the exciting prospects of Krasnaya Polyana further development as the main construction units of the Olympic Games are being erected precisely at this resort.


The Matsesta is a river that flows into the Black Sea and most famous for its sources of mineral water. The name of the river is translated as "fiery water", This was because people that immersed themselves in the water of the Matsesta found that their skin became red. There also exists a legend about a girl named Matsesta who invaded an underground kingdom in order to find the spirit of the mineral resources. She killed the spirit at the price of her own life and then brought the healing sources of the river to its surface. This unique hydrosulfide mineral water is 170 million year old and is very effective in treating various diseases.  In the old times it fountained from the caves in the cliffs so people digged holes to take mineral baths here. Nowadays they drill 700 up to 2000 meters deep in the earth to obtain this healing water !


Mountain Big Ahun is the coastal part of the city of Sochi. The height is 663 meters above sea level. At the top of the hill there is a lookout tower height 30.5 meters. From the tower you can see Sochi, Adler, coastline, various buildings, and of course, mountains of the main Caucasus ridge.


Between Loo and Dagomys (in the village of Uch-Dere) on a high hill there are plantations of the most Northern tea in the world ! The agronomist story will tell you about the history of tea developing in the South of Russia, the technology of tea bud picking and processing. Then a pleasant surprise awaits you – the old Russian tea tasting ceremony in a wooden chalet – tea  house, you will be treated with freshly brewed tea, honey, the assortment of subtropical jam(fig, feijoa), Russian pies, local fruits and nuts. The tea tasting ceremony will be accompanied by the exciting folklore show featuring the traditional Russian dances and songs.

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