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St. Petersburg's oldest museum is also it’s strangest. Kunstkamera (which translates as art house) was founded by Peter the Great in 1714. It is also known as the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. It has anthropological and archaelogical collections on the cultures of people around the world as well as an eclectic mix of random items that Peter and Russian explorers collected on their worldly travels. Peter's Anatomical Collection with its severed hands and malformed babies in jars still draws the crowds.

Bread museum

Devoted to bread, the mainstay of Russian life, this museum presents the origins of bread baking from ancient Egypt to the cultivation of bread throughout Russian history. Of special note, are the displays showing the tea shops of the nineteenth century, the massive Soviet era bread machines and the blockade section showing the bread ration of just 250gms. 

Vodka Museum

This small museum presents the long history of Russia’s national drink, from 12th Century peasants through to 20th Century presidents.  Display cases full of vodka bottles in unusual shapes, old advertising campaigns and some funny dioramas explain the evolution of the Russian firewater. An excursion is recommended as the exhibits are in Russian only. In the tasting room, there’s also a chance to try out three different vodkas and traditional Russian snacks

The Museum of Railway Technology

Situated in the converted Warsaw Railway Station (now home of the “Varshavsky Express” shopping mail). Has a collection of over 80 locomotives including the S-68, the type of steam engine that transported the first Soviet government from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 1918. There is also a diesel locomotive built in 1948, with the slogan, “Head to Communism” painted symbolically across the front

The Great Choral Synagogue 

The Great Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg is the second largest in Europe. It was built in 1893 to a design by Ivan Shaposhnikov in the Moorish style. It is about 3,200 square metres in area and its domed tower is 47m high. The majestic Grand Hall can accommodate 1,200 worshippers.

The Russian Museum of Ethnography

Are you sure that in Russia live only Russians and speak only Russian? If so, just come to the museum of Ethnography and take a chance to explore Russian culture and people in one place. No need to go to Siberia or Far East. Study objects of everyday life, archive materials, drawings, engravings, lithographs and documentary photographs in one of the largest ethnographic museums in the world.

The Art Restoration and Storage Centre of the State Hermitage in Staraya Derevnya

Do you know that in the State Hermitage Museum you can see only 5% of the whole collection? So, where is all the rest? Here, in the modern restoration and storage center!

A tour program allows getting familiar with paintings and sculpture from the museum collections, an extensive furniture collection, a collection of carriages and other items that were long unavailable for the general public.

Galleries of Contemporary Art “ERARTA”

Painting, graphics, sculpture, installations, video art, by over 140 artists from St. Petersburg and Russian regions. 2000 items from 1960s to nowadays. Commercial galleries sell works by famous and emerging artists.

Metro ride

Metro in St. Petersburg is the deepest underground system in the world, which is opened in 1955 and has 65 stations. You will see with your own eyes that the St. Petersburg Metro is surprisingly beautiful but unfortunately “slightly” overcrowded (especially during rush hours).

Grand model of Russia

it is the biggest Model in the world! The museum is new and is absolutely unique in respect of displaying all regions of Russia, with different time zones, starting from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. It is a private museum and there are a few museums of this kind in the world.

The museum of Russian Fairytales

This  museum  has been opened  recently  and  now  is getting  very popular  among  its young visitors. The tour is accompanied by costumed actors. The museum guests get in touch with Russian  folklore culture. Kids will see many popular  characters from Russian fairytales. 

Boat trip

A boat trip along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg – view of the city from water level with its granite embankments, bridges, parks and palaces shows the very special charm of “Northern Venice”.

Walking tour in the city center

Walking Tour at Nevsky Prospekt – the main street in the city of St. Petersburg. The chief sights of this street include the Rastrelliesque Stroganov Palace (outside), the huge neoclassical Kazan Cathedral, the Art Nouveau Bookhouse (Dom Knigi), an enomous 18th – century shopping mall, a mid-19th department store, Eliseyev Emporium, the Russian National Library (outside), a monument to Catherine the Great and Alexandrinsky Theater (outside), the Anichkov Bridge with its horse statues, a half a dozen 18th – century churches of different denomination. Also we recommend to visit The Summer Garden and Mikhailovsky Garden – picturesque place to stroll through.

Dinner in a Russian or Jewish family

Dinner in a Russian or Jewish family is a great opportunity to feel Russian hospitality, taste home-made food and to chat about what you want to know about Russia.

Ballet \ Folklore show

Famous Russian ballet performance you can see at The Hermitage Theatre, Mariinsky Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Alexandrinsky Theatre etc. Book tickets through Red October Company.

Folklore show is a musical ensemble, which consists of a choir, ballet and orchestra. The audience is entranced by a rapturous performance of song and dance and colorful costumes which paints a picture of musical and theatrical artistry from both the past and the present. 

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